10/ Sets of my man that make me go insane (in no particular order) ♡ 080225 Presidential Inauguration Ceremony
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You Get Hurt While Exercising With Him


Kim Hyun Joong- You two decided to go for a run since he was off for the day and he wanted to exercise. You had everything set the water bottles and the lunch ready to go in the fridge just as he comes down and sees you all dressed in work out clothes.

"Are you ready?" He asks looking you up and…

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I want to relive the ‘battle of the boygroups’ era where SS501, Big Bang, DBSK and Super Junior emit the manly aura together on stage.

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I have nothing if I don’t have YOU

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According to Young Saeng’s Japanese website, he will be discharged from the army on July 30th, 2015 (SakuraDream501)

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Requested || Heo Youngsaeng ‘She’ + ‘Crying’ eras {{headers/banners}}

Click the pics for HQ + full size!

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old people are cute but probably racist

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It’s been a while. This is SS501 sparkly light, Kyu Jong!

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Kyu Jong~ I love you… :)

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SS501 Moments: Kyu Jong: “Amnesia is really driving me crazy!!”

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